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The Troubled Clef Studio...

There's a long history in the Troubled Clef Studio. Most of this follows the gypsie-like lifestyle of its founder and producer, Myles Wakeham. It started as an idea, then got serious, then got moved, then got serious again, then got moved...etc...etc...etc.

Today the Troubled Clef Studio is a smaller, more versatile and more powerful studio than ever before. Its even been located in a CLOSET, proving that technology minaturizes as it improves.

Its history is interesting, and feel free to read through all the events of its life and where it is today.

Here's a synopsis:

1993 TroubledClef studios opened in West Hills, California (Los Angeles) (with HUGE thanks to Jim Norman for all of his hard work in helping build this studio!) to serve the Los Angeles musicians with an affordable and comfortable studio environment. The studio featured a huge performance room, and we recorded so many artists in there that its impossible to mention them all. The studio gear was accumulated mainly by new purchases of stuff from major name vendors and through associations with various musical instrument and pro audio equipment manufacturers.
1995 Myles Wakeham, due to family issues, was forced to return to Adelaide, Australia. He shipped the entire studio and all its gear in a 20 foot container across the Pacific Ocean, eventually ending up in Prospect, South Australia (a suburb of Adelaide), where it sat for a month or so.
1996 Following a near fatal car accident, Myles Wakeham began the process of employing contractors to build a 'super studio' in the Adelaide area. Troubled Clef studios retained its name and eventually opened for business. Clients from the South Australian market frequented the studio and some very proud productions were created at TC Adelaide.
1999 Myles and family were eventually called back to the USA, where they returned to Los Angeles and lived until 2002. Not much music stuff going on at this time, as Myles is thrown into the thick of the DOT COM boom back in software development
2004 All the studio was sealed up in its original building for 5 years. The property where the studio is located is being sold as Myles can't afford to keep it anymore, and the decision to either ship all the studio gear back to the USA or sell it had to be made. For a very short time, we entertained selling everything off. Then after a 20+ hour long flight from the Phoenix to Adelaide, Australia, Myles decided to keep it all and ship it back to Arizona. We are currently looking for some real estate to set it all back up again.
2005 Its back up and running again! The Troubled Clef studio has been moved into a spare bedroom in Myles' house and in fact setup so that it is located inside a closet in that bedroom. Yes, that's right! You can put an entire music studio into a closet, along with instruments, amps, etc. and it works just great. All without losing any real estate. Now these days Myles works mainly on scoring and audio editing work, but has a new Alesis HD24XT digital 24 track system that can be taken to a location for recording, and then brought back for editing, mixing and production. Its a pretty sweet thing!

Photo Gallery

The studio begain in West Hills, California (a suburb of Los Angeles). Then it was moved to Adelaide, Australia, and now its coming to Phoenix, Arizona. Click on the links below to see photos of the place as it has been implemented around the world:

West Hills, California

Adelaide, Australia

Phoenix, Arizona


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